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This Wiki is for the works of Modal Hsoul, a company of creative artists lead by Conrad Collins. Many of the works in this group are connected and collectively known as "The Hsoulverse."

Some of the articles in this wiki may be about stories or characters that don't actually exist yet.

Main StoriesEdit

Cirno and Purple Steve

Dark Dreams at the End of the World

Dark Dreams at Mt. Hell

Mahou Shoujo to Henshin Papa


Princess of Blue


Until We Resurface

Wishgiver Salome

World of Lines

Minor StoriesEdit




How Could You Possibly Call This Love?!

Ilia Comedy

Kanya the Blue Flame

Medicate Me

Oedipus Rondo Mansion

Project Awesomeness

Random Yuri

The New Black

The Virginia Beach Hermit Society

Ultra-Immortal Uvall

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