Conrad Collins is the president of Modal Hsoul Productions and its most prolific member. Born August 8, 1991, Conrad started writing when he was ten years old, and as early as four years later created some of the stories that he's still working on today. He is infamous for his constant switching between works, never managing to finish one before starting the next. He jokes that the amount of stories that he is currently working on will be enough to keep him busy for the rest of his life.

Conrad is best known by his internet handle 21stcenturydigitalboy, and for writing the anime blog My Sword Is Unbelievably Dull (AKA Dull Sword), which is currently about to enter its fifth year of publication. He has written for a great number of sites, but ceremoniously abandoned or destroyed them. The sites that he currently writes for besides Dull Sword include Shameful Otaku Secret , We Remember Love , and Scarlet Monochrome .

Conrad also records music under the names Scarlet Monochrome and Mr. Wolf, the latter used as a member of the acoustic group, Trial of the Golden Witch .


Most of Conrad's stories feature recurring themes and similar characters. Nearly all of his works contain intense graphic violence, and many of them feature graphic sex scenes as well. He has a tendency to include mostly female characters in his stories, and the main characters are usually lesbians. They are also known to either be young throughout the story or start off young as their growth is followed in the story.

The main themes in his work deal with sexuality and psychology, especially in adolescents. Many of his stories feature characters that are immortal and explore the nature of immortality. Another common theme in his stories is characters with super-powers, sometimes reaching godlike levels.

His stories never assume a moral center, presenting characters from any walk of life in equal sympathetic light.

Alphabetical List of Published WorksEdit

Major Works:

B.A.H. (web serial)
Cirno and Purple Steve (web serial)

Short Story, Flash Fiction, Essay, and Poetry Collection

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